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Beautiful balcony desgined with natural waterfall stone cladding on the one side and second and floor is covered with artificial grass and vertical graden tiles. And the last not the least a beautiful buddha waterfall in the corner.WALLCRAFT
Time to create your own dream garden, a refreshing terrace lawn to chill by the evening, a clean and safe play area for your children or an innovative balcony floor.ARTIFICIAL GRASS...
Wallcraft is a leading company providing architects, interior decorators and designers in Udaipur. We are a well-known brand catering to the best quality SHERA PLANK. These planks are weather-resistant, immune to water damage and fire-resistant. These are widely used as ceiling boards, room partitions, built-in furniture, wooden doors and for flooring purposes. Shera planks are highly durable and are easy to maintain. They are a perfect substitute for plywood in furniture, with a better quality of finish. To check out the product, visit our website at